July, 2005

One of my early jobs, and I have tasted many, was as an inhalation therapist. I came away from that experience with some wisdom as to how we live our lives. Many of the patients I treated were aged and dying. Some of them wept for the choices they made, the compromises they made, the dreams they set aside. Others went peacefully and without regret.

The lesson wasn't very simple to see at first but as I grow older it is remarkably clear...... All problems reduce to two equal and opposite factors. Solving such problems can be painfully difficult.

Simply put, You must choose what you can live with and what you cannot live with. Don't ever compromise your dreams.

March, 2005

How can any truth be less than beautiful?

The majority rules: In a democracy the people, theoretically, rule by majority vote. Therefore the president is elected by a majority vote. The widely celebrated election of George W. Bush claims to have a mandate from the people. The multi-million dollar inauguration ball was, economically an unparallel event that exemplified this attitude.

But wait, what is all the partying about? Let's reexamine the election results; Voter turn out was approximately 54%. Of that 54%, 51% voted for Bush, and 49% voted for Kerry. So 27.5% of the American people who are registered voters voted for Bush and 24.8% voted for Kerry which leaves approximately 47% of the people who did not choose to vote. In a real democracy it looks like the people elected no-one. So what the hell is the big celebration about? Do the math.

November, 2004

I can’t help but to feel sadness for my country, the United States of America. We have fallen victim to a GREAT FORGETTING. When did we become so righteous? When did we learn it is better to take than to give? We are selfish, self-centered, arrogant, ignorant children. When did we decide that our way is not only the right way but also the only way? When did we think that our country has the moral wisdom to impose through military might our ideology? I thought we called that imperialism. We fought and bled to free ourselves from a military might feared around the world and we succeeded by the end of the American Revolution. When did we forget?

Fifty one percent of the American people put George W. Bush back in the White House on moral issues. I ask you, is deceiving the American people O.K.? Is invading another country that did not attack us O.K.? Is changing the identity of your enemy O.K. because you let the real enemy escape? Hell, we had our troops so close to Iraq and we never did like Sadam Hussein- so lets go get him. Is letting the ban on assault rifles lapse before an election to pacify gun manufacturers, owners, the NRA, O.K. as long as you get their vote? Is cultivating FEAR in order to stay in power O.K.? The answer is a resounding YES! It worked for King George of England, Napoleon, Adolph Hitler, Attila The Hun, Stalin, and many other ruthless world leaders. Only history has taken the blush of those moments and recorded the truth and the facts as I am sure will occur after the smoke settles.

The Moral Majority holds the life of unborn babies sacred but the lives of those who are already born are taken not with medical instruments but by the rendering of flesh from the innocent with bullets, shrap-metal, smart bombs, land mines, missiles, knives, flamethrowers, and countless other monstrosities manufactured by us. Collateral damage, friendly fire, and incidental civilian deaths are O.K. with us, because damn it we need our oil. We are the largest consumer of oil, and therefore it is our God given right to control it.

The Moral Majority voted for Bush because of fear. Can you imagine letting the states decide their disposition on the gay marriage issue? Are we actually so insecure with our own sexuality that gay marriage is a frightening concept? I know I’m not, but then again, I am in the forty-eight percent minority. Are these really the important issues that will insure the health of our planet? Are we the scared little rabbits that this administration wants us to be? Apparently, the answer is also YES.

I must say, I am in SHOCK AND AWE. How many government officials have to resign, have to write books, have to spill the beans, before we wake up from this drug induced mind set?

I never lied to my son, and in return he never lied to me. I do not tolerate lies. Fifty one percent of you Americans do. All I can guess is that it is O.K. to be lied to and therefore I must believe that lying and deceiving is O.K. with the moral majority as long as in the end you get what you want. It is O.K. to kill in the name of God? Have we learned nothing from the actions of Israel against the Palestinians? They have only fostered more hate and hostility with their ruthless actions. We elected an administration that in reality is the greatest recruiter to the ranks of Al Quida. We have made enemies of people whose only fault was to be born in a certain country and have no means to escape. We have killed their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers. If I was put in their place and an invading country killed my children, I would vow to avenge those responsible for inflicting those injuries upon my family and me, as I am sure most of us would. Maybe I have finally lost my mind and the ability to know what is right and wrong, but I seriously doubt it. Our country is not spreading peace and democracy. Ironically WE are the Weapon of Mass Destruction.

God Help us all.