March, 2005

How can any truth be less than beautiful?

The majority rules: In a democracy the people, theoretically, rule by majority vote. Therefore the president is elected by a majority vote. The widely celebrated election of George W. Bush claims to have a mandate from the people. The multi-million dollar inauguration ball was, economically an unparallel event that exemplified this attitude.

But wait, what is all the partying about? Let's reexamine the election results; Voter turn out was approximately 54%. Of that 54%, 51% voted for Bush, and 49% voted for Kerry. So 27.5% of the American people who are registered voters voted for Bush and 24.8% voted for Kerry which leaves approximately 47% of the people who did not choose to vote. In a real democracy it looks like the people elected no-one. So what the hell is the big celebration about? Do the math.